C cubed (Competence, Credibility and Candidness) reflects today’s dynamic business environment where successful execution and exceeding results are a key.


Zeeshan is the founder and driving force behind just Zed`s vision, where it is fundamental to instil efficiency and effectiveness in daily routines and processes of a business, and therefore favourably impact its Financial
 and Worth.


A Fellow (FCCA) of the global body of professional accountants – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants UK (ACCA).


He has worked in Oil and Gas and as a Business Advisor for over 15 years with a widely diverse career and multiple success stories.


His ACCA credentials of:

  • Advanced Performance Management 
  • Advanced Corporate Reporting 
  • Strategic Financial Management 
  • Strategic Business Planning and Development

have not only nurtured to maturity but also been tested in fast-paced, complex, unprecedented growth rate and short delivery time environments.


While financial integrity, transparency, controls, and ethics have been core values and fundamentals of his career, he has also equally enjoyed and mastered the role of a Reliable and Trustworthy Business Partner.

Combining above financial connotations with Business Partnership he has achieved several rewarding and high-value milestones throughout his career.

Zeeshan`s value proposition to a business is that he connects

financial integrity with growth and therefore seeks to generate Value.


Falling short of potential agility?


Is the operating mechanism fuelled with the right combination of knowledgeexperience and skillset, combined with the ever essential “can do” belief and honest evaluation!


justZed is committed to helping businesses navigate transformation, facilitate change, and equip for maximum growth & performance.


With a C^3 belief, we target interim Management solutions for:


·         Effective Growth & Development Strategy

·         Performance Management

·         Liquidity & Working Capital Management

·         Efficient Change Management


justZed is an essential management partner based in Norway & UAE with success stories spanning across Europe, Mid-East and Africa.


Looking forward to partnering with you on a successful value generation journey!


from justZed


Interim Management - 1

Interim Executive Management

Deploy our executive interim management services with flexibility and confidence acquired through over 15 years of exciting challenges. Depending on your needs, Interim Executive can not only replace or supplement but also lead through the journey to achieve specific targets and objectives.

Business Planning & Transformation - 1

Business Planning and Transformation

In today’s dynamic business environment, growth through revenue and market share and margins is the ultimate key to sustainability. We at justZed as Business Planning and Transformation advisor partner with the decision-makers to define the problem statement and obtain tangible results.
Financial Performance & Liquidity - 2

Financial Performance, Liquidity and Advisory

The routine at times leads to…
…. tunnel vision …. or sometimes simply an injection of fresh blood in the business is needed to reenergize the ethos and realign the goals. 


over 15 years journey of synergies development and transformation through a diverse but no less exciting career, with success stories from ever-changing dynamic environments:

Fintech Software as a Service (SaaS) development and launch

Joint Venture Profit Margin and Liquidity turnaround
deputy Managing Director of Ghana

Established region, setup structure & routines, improved performance & capital requirements
Africa Finance and Administrative Director

Scale-up and Performance Modelling for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)
Engagements within FinTech, Leisure and OnG sector

Performance evaluation and Scope extension of strategic contracts
Equinor – Integrated Drilling Services (IDS)

Competition displacement on key contracts
Equinor & ConocoPhillips

Successfully modelling and award of strategic contracts
Equinor Integrated Drilling Services

Performance Turnaround of underperforming business units
various Drilling Group & Information Solutions business-lines

Setup footprint in remote locations, mounting unprecedented growth in a gold rush era
East and South Africa Region; spanning over 13 countries

Finance Director of high performance, complex technology businesses

Divestitures, acquisition and integration of businesses
Global Connectivity, Smith, MI Swaco & GeoServices

Audits and Internal Controls
Libya and Scandinavia HQs

ERP upgrade, roll-out, Implementation
Scandinavia, UK, the Netherlands and East Africa


Email : contact@justzed.com